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BSM RG Treble Booster

The BSM RG Rory Gallagher tribute model is basically a BSM HS-Custom, modified to nail Rory Gallaghers signature tone, known from his famous recordings like "Big Guns" or "Lonesome Highway". Compared to the HS-Custom, the RG Rory Gallagher tribute model offers more gain for a more punchy sound with a good crunch. The RG Rory Gallagher tribute model, includes the same volume control, like Blackmore's modification on his treble booster. When dialed about halfway, you will achieve Gallaghers sound from his early records like "Deuce", "Live in Europe" and "Against The Grain". If you use a guitar with PAF style humbuckers, reduce the guitar's volume from 10 to 7 and set the PRA's volume to 50% to get this earthy, rough early/mid 70's R&B sound from the "Faces" (Ron Wood on guitar and Rod Stewart's vocals).

Almost all British rock guitarists using single coil pickup guitars used a germanium Treble Booster from the late 60's to the mid 70's. By the end of the seventies, the Treble Booster was replaced by a new circuit from Japan, the so called Tube Screamer and other similar overdrive circuits. These were based on the old Treble Boosters and therefore had a very similar frequency response. The germanium boosters on the other hand, sadly fell into oblivion despite their unique and inimitable sound. The RG Rory Gallagher tribute Treble Booster has been specifically designed for single coil pickups with a relatively low coil inductance, such as pickups in Fender, Rickenbacker, Burns or Vox guitars. On these pickups, the RG Rory Gallagher tribute model produces (with the volume control of the guitar turned up to the max) a fat, biting and penetrating lead sound, without any shrill characteristics. By lowering the guitar's volume control, many shades of crunch can be easily dialed in. Another thing to consider is that when a guitar amp's volume is turned up (reaching saturation), the power amp normally begins to mute the highs, which results in a duller sound. At an amp's full tilt, the RG Rory Gallagher tribute Treble Booster allows a more transparent tone (covering the entire frequency range) to shine through. The presence control on the amp need only be minimally used (if at all). When vintage amps are used (such as the Fender Deluxe, Fender Bassman, Vox AC30, Plexi Marshall 100w or Marshall Major) it is amazing what effect the use of a good treble booster has. It is also of interest to note, that Rory Gallagher played a standard Fender Strat into the “normal” channel at a VOX AC30 "top-boost" amp. The only stompbox he used, was his treble booster. After he used a Rangemaster for some time, he switched to the rare Hawk booster.

The Treble Booster is inserted between guitar and amplifier, not into the FX loop. The magical tone is achieved by the interaction between guitar pickup, treble booster and amplifier. The unit is powered by a 9V battery with a current consumption of approx. 280 uA. The average output level is 10dBm, the maximum output voltage when the strings are struck really hard is 7V max. Note: The positive pole of the battery is ground!

Booster Image: RG Treble Booster

Leosounds Irish Tour Pickup Set & BSM Rory Gallagher Booster (No Talk Geardemo)

If you have any questions concerning our products, especially the BSM RG Treble Booster, our tech-head and mastermind Mr. Bernd C. Meiser would be happy to talk to you. So don't hestitate any longer and send him an email to info@treblebooster.net or use the contact form to contact him.


Hallo, ich habe bei Ihnen vor ca. einem Jahr einen RG -Booster gekauft. Ich benutze das Teil seither permanent mit meiner Eric Johnson Strat und bin TOTAL zufrieden. Das wollte ich schon lange loswerden. Ich wünsche Ihnen weiterhin Viel Erfolg mit Ihren tollen Tretern. Mit den besten Grüssen
Berthold Bäuerle
Hi Bernd, this is to confirm the RG booster has been received and I just love it. Killer with my strats through a plexi and responds well to changes in volume, perfect of me ! At a recent gig the guy with the high gain "name" boutique amp just did not get why my simple set up of guitar RG and amp was cutting right though the mix and whilst he was lost in high gain mush. Everyone should try a vintage style amp with a treble booster, there is nothing else quite like it ! Excellent product and service. Many thanks, Steve Hayes
Steve Hayes
Hi, I just purchased your BSM RG Rory Gallagher booster and I love it! I am really getting some great Rory sounds now! Thanks for your time
Hi Bernd! Pedals arrived the day before yesterday. Thank You! I came home yesterday but have´nt been able to try them untill now. The RM Majestic is FANTASTIC!!! Superb!! I´ve got the Keeley Java Boost and a RM copy made by a friend and these two will be put to sleep now!! ..or sold! This pedal is so good and I´m sure I´ll have so much use of it ... Good work!! ...and thanks a lot. The RG .... oboy! Tried it with my strat and it just blew me away!! It also sounds amazing when played on my tri-sonic guitar too - soooo FAT!! This surely must please my brother - but I´ll also have to buy one later on!! (-: I´d also like to know the price of the RPA please. Thanks alot again for making superb sounding gear!! Regards from Sweden
Bo Larsson